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A halogen lamp, also known as a tungsten halogen lamp, is an incandescent lamp with a tungsten filament contained within an inert gas and a small amount of a halogen gas. The combination of the halogen gas and the tungsten filament produces a chemical reaction known as a halogen cycle which increases the lifetime of the filament and prevents darkening of the bulb. Because of this, a halogen lamp can be operated at a higher temperature than a standard gas-filled lamp of similar power and operating life. The higher operating temperature results in light of a higher color temperature.

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20/24K Studio Tungsten

The Cinemills 20/24K Tungsten incandescent, fresnel continues to serve at the forefront of the studio lighting industry. With 24,000 watt upgrades, this legendary luminaire represents the CMC commitment to future proofing the product line. In an age where power, durability and performance top the list of requirements for a standard set of studio tools, the CMC 20/24K sets the bar offering the finest, domestically produced components. A flattering 29" Fresnel produces splendid contrast and control without artifacts or distortions and is augmented by a brilliant new 16" reflector system that produces voluminous light. Topping the list of the 20/24K’s qualifications is an incredible hand fitted construction, by experienced craftsmen, ensuring the best possible tolerances in an attractive and dependable fixture. The CMC 20/24K can be cold started, or used in conjunction with a fully DMX-able, stand-alone dimmer pack. Globes are available in 208, 220 and 240vac specifications. Scrims are also available in stainless 29".

Power 24K
Supply Voltage 220V AC/DC
Color Temperature 3200K
Measurements 30.5 x 30.5 x 33.5"
Weight 125 lbs (56.8kg)
Lamp Type Cp/85 10000W 230VG38
UV Lens Diameter 29"(73.6cm)
Protection Class IP 23

10K Studio Tungsten

The Cinemills 10/12K tungsten incandescent Fresnel is the understated “little brother" to the 20K. It Is the most efficient 10K in its class boasting a compact, well designed frame complemented by an efficient 18" German fresnel. When size is a primary concern, without sacrificing power, the CMC 10/12K offers a beautiful bokeh while staying within the limits of a studio 100 amp service. Globes are available in 10K and 12K wattages at 120 or 220vac specs. Scrims and stand-alone dimmers are available as accessorie

Power 10000W/12000W
Supply Voltage 230V
Color Temperature 3200K
Measurements 36.6/27.5/24.2" (930/700/615mm)
Weight 65lbs (30kg)
Lamp Type Cp/85 10000W 230VG38
Lamp Base G38
UV Lens Diameter 17.7" (450mm)
Protection Class IP 23

2K Studio Tungsten

The Cinemills 2000 watt tungsten incandescent fresnel is the smallest and lightest 2K unit in its class. The CMC 2K features a corrosion resistant, extruded aluminum and die-cast metal construction which contributes to the light weight of the unit. A 7", wide-angle fresnel produces a very pleasing and flat focus field from edge to edge over shorter distances, making it an extremely flexible fixture for small sets or studios. These units utilize accessory barn doors, stainless steel scrims and are equipped with household plugs. The fixtures are dimmable with either a studio console system or smaller local dimmer equipment. They are available in 120 vac and 220 vac specifications and pole operated studio configurations.

Power 2000W
Supply Voltage 230V
Color Temperature 3200K
Measurements 20.7" (526mm) 14" (362mm) 12" (306mm)"
Weight 19.9lb. (9kg)
Lamp Type CP/73 2000W230VG38
UV Lens Diameter 7 " (175mm)
Protection Class IP 23

1K Studio Tungsten

The Cinemills 1000 watt tungsten incandescent fresnel is the understudy of the CMC 2K. With a 5" ‘hot’ lens, the CMC 1K is a punchy and compact serviceable unit that is household powered and requires a modest 8.3 amps of 120vac power. These units can be purchased separately, or in any number of kit configurations, teamed with other units from the CMC tungsten line. Smaller than a baby-baby from other manufacturers, the CMC 1K Fresnel sets a new standard for size and performance. Available in 120/220 vac and pole operated configurations. Stainless scrims and barn doors sold separately.

Power 1000W
Supply Voltage 230V
Color Temperature 3200K
Measurements 14.7" (373mm) 14.7" (260mm) 10.6" (270mm)"
Weight 11.7lb. (5.3kg)
Lamp Type CP/40 FJK1000W 230V
UV Lens Diameter 5 " (130mm)
Protection Class IP 23

650W Studio Tungsten

The Cinemills 650 watt tungsten incandescent Fresnel is the most popular of the household-powered product line. At an economical 5.4 amps of 120vac current, it is easy to see why it is the most requested component of the location kit solutions. Multiple units can be powered off of household, breakered circuits without fear of ‘tripping’ or ‘blowing’ circuit protection. The CMC 650w Fresnel is equipped with a 4" german lens of exceptional contrast and control. Together with its compact size, the 650w unit is a strong performer on location or in the studio. Available in 120v or 220v specs with barn doors and scrims sold separately.

Power 650W
Supply Voltage 230V
Color Temperature 3200K
Measurements 9.4" (240mm) 7.1" (180mm) 7.7" (195mm)"
Weight 5.5lb. (2.5kg)
Lamp Type CP/89 650W120VGY9.5
UV Lens Diameter 4.4" (112mm))
Protection Class IP 23

300W Studio Tungsten

The Cinemills 300 watt tungsten incandescent Fresnel is the most flexible of all the kit lighting fixtures to choice from. At a mere 2.8 amps of 120v current, multiple units can be used on the smallest of circuit protected systems. A 3", wide-angle lens provides an even, flat beam field at extremely short distances and maintains a small footprint on set or in rigging conditions. It’s unusually light weight makes it easy to hang in quick location rigging scenarios, while maintaining a ‘punchy’ output. Despite the small size, the CMC 300w unit maintains all the quality and durability standards set forth by the larger members of our luminaire family. Barn doors and scrims sold separately.

Power 300W
Supply Voltage 230V
Color Temperature 3200K
Measurements 10" (260mm) 8.7"(220mm) 7"(175mm)"
Weight 4.6 lbs (2.1kg)
Lamp Type CP/81 300W23VGY9.5
UV Lens Diameter 3" (80mm)
Protection Class IP 23

150W Studio Tungsten

The Cinemills 150w tungsten incandescent Fresnel is the most compact Fresnel currently on the market. Its manageable size is its strongest feature. This unit can be hidden in places other light fixtures can’t go and can be rigged into the smallest of light duty mounts. It is household powered and extremely portable. It is excellent for car interiors or anywhere size is the predominant concern. A 1.5" mini-fresnel provides a surprisingly manageable beam field that can be effectively ‘cut’ by the correspondingly small barn doors. Stainless scrims are available separately. This unit is dimmable and available in three different wattages: 100, 150 and 200.


Power 150W
Supply Voltage 230V
Color Temperature 3200K
Measurements 8" (205mm) 5.7"(146mm) 6.4"(165mm)"
Weight 2.6 lbs (1.2kg)
Lamp Type 150W239V GX6.35
UV Lens Diameter 1.9"(50mm)
Protection Class IP 23

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